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Dear aviation clients,
   we have prepared a new website, which should meet the requirements of the present time, i.e. transparency, clarity, quick search of desired service and obtaining the necessary information. We also want to respond to new European legislation, according to which no longer even a professional civilian aviator may not pass through each department of aeromedical centre.
   Even though the time for examination in the Institute of Aviation Medicine Prague (next IAM) shortened recently for forenoon, we want make the survey of medical fitness even easier and more "humanistic".
   That is why by the end of July 2013 the institution of the Aviation Medical Examiner was established within the IAM.

  • The pilot will be examined by only one physician in a single office. From the laboratory results and auxiliary tests only ECG, urinalysis and the haemoglobin value (one sting to your finger with immediate outcome) will be required. A more detailed examination will follow only if indicated by specific finding.
  • Examination time should not exceed 60 - 80 minutes and the aviator will leave with a valid 1st and/or 2nd class, LAPL or cabin crew medical fitness certificate.
  • We strive to provide this service from 8 am to 3 pm every working day.
  • View the examination algorithm of a pilot by AME-R or AME-Z, respectively.

   Please note the fact, that for aviation personnel, attending after 9 pm, in case of need of implementation further examinations, the issue of complex conclusion on the same day cannot be guaranteed.

   When AME detects during examination any deviation from the norm which is not competent to be solved by himself, he has a prior right to use preferably any of the Institute's departments, located in the same building, to hold consultations. In most cases it is no need to travel around the capital, waiting outside the department of other medical facility to receive a desired additional medical report for AME.

   The IAM already for 15 years provides the option of paid comprehensive medical fitness assessment. The clientele is growing, as people begin to realize , that the greatest gift in their lives is the health. Preventive screening can detect some incipient disorders of health, that often can be solved only by slight modification of the lifestyle. Therefore we call on each of you: don't underrate even this site of aero-medical examinations, performed in our facility. Why to pay later for something, what I basically can have as a bonus to my obligatory examination?
   But back to the newly bidden service, offered to everyone. The AM specialist present at the admission office will recommend to you, whether to directly meet AME, or to pass the special departments, where the specialists check or adjust the existing treatment. The conclusion about medical fitness gives again the AM specialist at the admission office.
   For the future we plan to use an ordering for a specific day and time through the web service. We would like to ask for cooperation in the sense, that you will free tell us whether you are complaint with any health problems, whose solution may need more time, or other expert's statement.
   We would also like all of you, our aviation clients, to ask for your patience, as we seek for an establishment of a diametrically different way of examination of civilian pilots, which may be accompanied by certain shortcomings. We ask for your comments and opinions to know what, whre and why to improve for your higher satisfaction.

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